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Lateral Audio Stands
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An audio stand directly affects the perfomance of an audio component and the audio system, it becomes it's foundation and influences all components placed upon it. Both analogue and digital source components, known to be very sensitive, and amplification components all show significant performance improvements when placed and coupled to excellent audio stand and surface. The total reduction of vibration presents further performance benefits of the interconnecting audio and power cables by improving the dampening of materials and mechanical connections. 

Lateral audio stands use a structure which is minimal, high in strength, grounded and critically dampened. Audio surfaces use premium materials and techniques which connect directly into it's structure, reducing and eliminating any excessive materials which do not improve the sound. By filtering low to high frequencies the designs absorb and manage the audio energy fedback from the sound and also decouple in a controlled manner further reducing low level vibration entering into the audio components. A Lateral Audio stand also reduces levels of EMI / RFI by the selection of audio proven non-magnetic materials, thereby benefitting nearby power and signal cables, reducing the total levels of the system.

As an audiophile and professional engineering designer of vibration affected products, and the analysis of high strength to weight structures, have enabled these foundations to be long term research fields inherently influencing the engineering principles used in the audio stand designs...indeed less really is more.

Please read on, and if you would like know more we'd be happy to recommend a demonstration at your preferred partner dealer. Please see our UK and International dealer list who fully understand the profound effects of audio stands.


LAS-4 Series

Designed for listening and the ability to portray musical intgerity, message, depth and clarity.
The LAS-4 series enables audio components to perform, from entry level with the Integral to high end musical performances with the Concert.

The Integral design is the basis for the range, with a richness and depth to it's sound. It can be upgraded for future needs with the Concert Isolation platform.
The Integral PLUS includes the Concert Isolation platform, upon purchase, and so has the extra depth of performance that the Concert displays, but with an all natural materials appearance.

The Concert has extra features and maximises the performance of the top tier for source component. The CNC machined front to the top tier is available silver or black anodised, and also includes the LAS-Counterpoint set which are precision CNC machined high grade stainless steel, dual use for carpet or hard floor with the included floor protector.

Available in 2 tier, 3 tier, 4 tier Compact , 4 tier , 5 tier
The large 4 and 5 tier stands have the additional decoupled upper two tiers.

Images shows LAS-4 Concert 4 tier with black satin option.

HiFi+ Review July 2019


LAS-9 Discovery

The Discovery stand is a very surprising performer, evolving from the Integral design it has many of the key features taken from the LAS-4 series of stands.
It is simplified yet has a visual appearance that is modern audio and setups, colour brings new energy too. Available with black, white or red lower audio surfaces.

The 3 tier stand has proportions that set it low visually between the speakers, 2 or 3 stands together makes for a wide setup with performance.

Images shows LAS-9 Discovery 3 tier white
Available in 2 tier, 3 tier and 4 tier Compact



The LAS-AV is a high performance audio,  in an AV width. It was important that an AV design maintained the performance of the LAS-4 range. It has a 100% open front design for full component access and visually clean lines, with technical features that make this possible.

Concert isolation platforms can be added in every component position.

Image shows LAS-AV 1140 with a Concert Isolation platform and LAS-Counterpoint options.



A single level audio stand with a high audio performance and a high weight capacity.
LAS-Amp typically used for very large and esoteric stereo amplifiers or as a pair with mono amplfiers. A very useful addition to large audio setups.
The LAS-Amp contains many technical features that enable and provide an audio surface with a very low noise floor. Research and audio tests shows amplfiers to be extremely sensitive to vibration and the LAS-Amp enables subtleties and natural renditions to appear.

For standard depth amplifier LAS-Amp
For deep large amplfiers LAS-AmpX

Image shows LAS-Amp X Concert silver anodised.

Audio Shows 2018 - 2019


North West Audio Show
Cranage Hall - UK
June 2019 UK

Full product display area.
4 rooms demonstration:
LAS-4 Concert  LAS-9 Discovery 
room: Kharma AV with Primare audio
room: Auden Audio, Hegel, Innuos, Amphion
room: Hifidelity UK, Auralic, Norma Audio


Rocky Mountain International Audio Fest
Denver Colorado - USA
September 6th - 8th

LAS-4 Concert 4 tier
Room: Lumin, Playback Designs-ProAudio
see below link in News
'superior room' 
'Positive Feedback oasis' Axpona 2019


UK HiFi Show Live
Ascot - UK
October 26th - 28th

LAS-4 Concert 4 tier
LAS-AV 1140
LAS-9 Discovery
On demonstration in room:
room: Kharma AV with Primare audio, Falcon Acoustics loudspeakers

Lateral Audio Stands
Designed and made in the UK and always for music.

High performance audio stands that can redefine audio systems.

All prices shown are inclusive of VAT


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Reviews |
July 2019|- HiFi+ Alan Sircom review LAS-4 Integral and LAS-4 Concert 4 tier

News |
October 2019- HiFiShow Live 2019 Esoteric Grandioso high end system, Raidho 3.8 speakers, Shunyata reference power and audio cables. MoFI, Primare,Falcon acoustics room.
September 2019- Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 6-8th
Denver Colorado, with Lumin, M2Tech, Puritan audio Labs
June 28th 2019|- 4 rooms and main display at The North West Audio Show 2019, all colours, great to meet customers and audio enthusiasts...
April 2019|- 3 rooms LAS-4 Concert displayed with ProAudio at Axpona 2019 Chicago
March 2019|- Signals audio discover the LAS-4 Integral & Concert.
February 2019|- Exhibiting at the Bristol HiFi show with the The FunkFirm.
October to January 2019|- The Music Room, Midland audio Xchange, Definitive Audio, Audio destination, Oxford Audio Consultants, Guildord Audio discover the LAS-4 Concert 4 tier and are select partner dealers.
September 2018| Exhibiting at The Audio Show- 2018 Leamington Spa.
June 2018|- Lateral audio stands displays at The North West Audio Show 2018, Cranage Hall, 

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email:  lateral audio stands

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Select dealers - where to buy |
The Music Room|-Glasgow
Definitive Audio|-Nottingham
Strictly Stereo|-Stockport
Audio Destination|-Tiverton Devon
Midland Audio Xchange|-West Mids
Guildford Audio|-Guildford
Oxford Audio Consultants|- Oxford
Signals audio|- Ipswich
Audio Venue|- London Ealing

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