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All audio components: analogue and digital, source and amplification, emphatically show performances and renditions previously hidden and veiled, when placed onto and connected to a performance audio stand.

The basis of all LATERAL audio stands is a fast transient response, also minimal, energy absorbent and which is low in it's vibrational behaviour.

A professional engineering designer of both vibration affected products and high performance structures, has enabled these to be the underlying principles and long term research fields inherently influencing the audio stand designs...indeed, less really is more. 

Dedicated to the achievement of musical audio, the aim of all our products is to bring the joy of music to owners...always for music.

The range compliments modern and slimline setups, through to large and esoteric enthusiast systems which are heavy, and typically multi-amp orientated. 

LAS-4 Concert / Integral 
LAS-9 Discovery
DCP platforms

Designed and made in the UK.

Designed &
made in the UK:

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Reviews /Awards
April/May 2020- HiFi+ reviews LAS-Amp Issue 182/183
March 2020- StereoNetUK David Price LAS-9 Discovery
December 2019- HiFI+ Winner Accessory 2019 Issue 178
July 2019- HiFi+ Alan Sircom review LAS-4 Integral and LAS-4 Concert 4 tier Issue 173


April 2020- HiFI+ Editors Choice April 2020 LAS-Amp
March 2020- SteroNet UK David Price awards LAS-9 Discovery 'Applause Award 5 stars'
December 2019 Awarded Winner HiFI+ 2019 Accessory
October 2019- HiFiShow Live 2019 Esoteric Grandioso high end system, Raidho 3.8, Shunyata reference. MoFI,Primare,Falcon acoustics room.
September 2019- Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 6-8th
Denver Colorado, with Lumin, M2Tech, Puritan audio Labs
June 28th 2019 -4 rooms and main display at The North West Audio Show 2019, great to meet customers and audio enthusiasts...
April 2019 -3 rooms display with ProAudio at Axpona 2019 Chicago,
February 2019 -Exhibiting at the Bristol HiFi show with the The FunkFirm.
October to January 2019 -The Music Room, Midland audio Xchange, Definitive Audio, Audio destination, Oxford Audio Consultants, Guildord Audio discover the LAS-4 Concert 4 tier and are select partner dealers.
June 2018 -Lateral Audio Stands displays at The North West Audio Show 2018, Cranage Hall, 

Where to listen: 

UK Dealers North-South:
The Music Room -Glasgow
Audio-philia -Edinburgh
HiFiSound -Stockton on Tees
Definitive Audio -Nottingham
Midland Audio Xchange -West Mids
Winters Audio -Norfolk
Willow Tree Audio -Bury St Edmunds
Signals Audio -Ipswich
Oxford Audio Consultants -Oxford
The Audio Consultants -Aldermaston
VAL HiFi- Ashford Kent
Audio Venue -Ealing London
Audio Destination -Tiverton Devon
The HiFi Guy -Hastings

Metawave -Sweden
ProAudio -USA