LAS-9 Cadenz

LAS-9 Cadenz, modular and contemporary, enables high performance audio from your system.
Audio components require a harmonious 'low noise' audio surface to perform near their full potential, and LAS-9 uses techniques that reduce and dissipate energy away from the audio player. 

The audio surface of the LAS-9 Cadenz employs a vibration absorbing 'Dissipation Array', and this quickly dissipates and reduces levels of harmful energy which sit below the audio player.

The design and performance of the Cadenz stand enables a wide and rich stereo image where music is allowed to breathe, enabling a mid range which is open and spacious.
Test systems easily proved their potential with Cadenz, displaying a capability beyond it's price range.

Reviewed Hi-Fi+ Issue 199

Awared Winner HiFi+ 2021

Choose from four spacings to allow a variety of height options, 2 tier to 5 tier.

White audio surface high sheen finish
LAS-Counterpoint Spikes (shown in the main image)
LAS-Counterpoint Full set (spikes and floor protectors)

Upgrade options:

Weight capacity
Bottom tier: 35 Kg
Upper tiers: 25 Kg

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