LAS-9 Discovery

The Discovery stand, evolving from the Integral design has many of the key features taken from the LAS-4 series of stands.

The design uses differing materials, adhesives and internal geometries to add strength and dampening to the audio surface. Clever in it's design language and form, it is for modern audio from simple 2 tier setups to large multi-components setups with 4 and 5 tier stands.

Colour brings options for modern audio equipment, available with black, white and red lower audio surfaces.
The upper surfaces are oak veneered for a tough resilient finish.

The 500mm leg length option has proportions that set it low visually between the speakers. 2 or 3 stands together makes for a wider setup.
The 630mm and 780mm leg options allow multi component single stand setups for a more traditional vertical layout.

Concert isolation platforms can be added in every component position.

Images shows LAS-9 Discovery 3 tier-500 white, also avaialable in black and red.
Available in 2 tier, 3 tier, 4 tier & 5 tier

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Weight capacity- 25 Kg per tier

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