LAS-Amp XM is a high capacity audio stand for mono and stereo amplifiers, available in VM, XM and ZM sizes.
Performance gains are instantly heard with purely analogue amplifiers and digital amplifiers alike.

The audio surface which is low noise, strong and minimal, is precisely held at each corner by the LAS-CF 'Contact Floor' providing the required stability and extremely low vibrational contact to the floor. Within its fully machined design is a singular contact which is entirely dampened and isolated from the incoming floor energy, yet its design is also high in weight capacity.

Available in three sizes to cater for various amplifier types.
VM- Valve mono/stero
XM- Large mono/stereo
ZM- Extreme mono/stereo

LAS-Amp VM - valve mono 280(w) x 480(d)
LAS-Amp XM - large mono 440(w) x 465(d)
LAS-Amp ZM - extreme mono 460(w) x 550(d)

Weight capacity - 85 kg

Finish Options: natural satin / black satin

Upgrade Options:

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