Isolation Geometry Series

LAS-CC Contact Component
LAS-CP Cable Path
DCP Concert Platform

Hear the highest levels of audio with the combination of a performance audio stand, and the key placement of the Isolation Geometry Series- DCP, LAS-CC, LAS-CP.

Audio performances are presented which are purely more musical, communicated with emotion, dynamics, and speed of sound.

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LAS-CC Contact Component

Isolating the audio player enables a completely new level of audio performance.
Placed directly to the underside of the audio component LAS-CC dramatically reduces the damaging effects of surface vibration and energy feedback.

From our research it is clear that the highest performance levels are achieved when LAS-CC are used with a performance audio stand, with LAS-CC enabling higher levels of performance from key components.

Alternatively, LAS-CC can provide a significant performance step up for key audio components earlier in your audio journey, and where a performance audio stand may not always be possible in the home environment.

There is a balance of sound to LAS-CC, and this was developed with extensive listening, both here and with a number of reference systems at respected high end dealers in the UK and the US.

Dimensions: 32mm height , 38mm diameter
Supplied in sets of 3 or 4 - weight capacity 60 Kg and 80 Kg respectively


LAS-CP Cable Path

Elevating speaker cables away from the vibration of the floor, enhances the sound quality. More fluidity, ease and depth of the sound are heard.
Vibration which emanates from the loudspeakers degrades the performance of all speaker cables, and LAS-CP increases performance by providing a very quiet support.

Base diameter 55mm
Cable lift height 63mm 2.5”
Upto 40mm diameter cable


DCP Platforms

With the addition of DCP Direct Contact Platforms owners of LAS-4 Concert/Integral and LAS-AV, are able to realise high end performance possibilities. 
(Concert stands are equipped with a top tier DCP platform as standard)

DCP Concert platforms connect directly into the unique structure of the LAS-4 series.

With each tier capable of accepting a DCP platform it can be placed for the most sensitive component in an audio system: typically CD transport, DAC and pre-amp.