The LAS-4 Amp contains many technical features that enable an audio surface with a very low noise floor. Research and audio tests shows amplifiers to resolve a higher performance, enabling subtleties and natural renditions to appear.

Weight capacity- 35 kg

Black satin

Upgrade Options:
DCP Concert Platform

LAS-4 Amp Concert & LAS-4 Amp are designed with direct point contacts which have direct ground energy absorbing paths, and adjustability of the direct energy absorbing path.

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LAS-Amp XM is an exciting new audio stand for amplifiers, high in performance and with a weight capacity for large modern amplfiiers.
All amplifiers are restricted in performance by excessive vibrational energy, and the LAS-Amp XM provides a supportive and low noise surface required for optimum performance.

The LAS-Amp XM uses the newly designed LAS-CF Contact Floor at each corner, providing
a stable and extremely low vibrational contact to the floor.
Precision machined LAS-CF provides a precise and low energy contact by it's internal design.

Available in three sizes to cater for various amplifier types.
VM- Valve mono/stero
XM- Large mono/stereo
ZM- Extreme mono/stereo

LAS-Amp VM - valve mono 280(w) x 480(d)
LAS-Amp XM - large mono 460(w) x 480(d)
LAS-Amp ZM - extreme mono 460(w) x 580(d)

Weight capacity - 85 kg

Finish Options: natural satin / black satin

Upgrade Options:
LAS-CC Contact Component