Amp XM 

Amp XM is an audio platform for the central and controlling element of the audio system, the amplifier. Placement onto the Amp XM ensures you reach the full potential of your investment. 
At each corner sits the ARENA AM-X isolator, which provides the essential isolation from the floor below.
ARENA AM-X is a multi-layered and damped design that houses a decoupled element within, centred around a ceramic ball. Precision machined from high grade stainless steel its design is unique.

The audio surface is minimal and requires no further filtering to get the best performance from your amplifier. 

Fine oak veneer
Clear lacquer
Black lacquer

Amp XMi, ZMi using a cone and spike foot

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Amplifiers require isolation

As the central and controlling component the amplifier requires careful isolation to achieve the highest of audio performances.

Information & size

For large and esoteric audio amplifiers.