Cadenz Vr 

Cadenz Vr has an elegance and simplicity to its design.
After the research and design of the Concert series this highlighted the essential features which needed to be brought into this more accessible audio category.

The essential audio surface of the Cadenz Vr is veneered on both sides with real wood high grade veneers*. Whilst adding resilience to the audio surface it also increases its sound performance.
Its finish is lacquer which is skilfully applied here in the UK.

Hidden away on the underside of the audio surface is a unique feature, which dissipates and reduces energy whilst the music is playing. This 'Dissipation Array' is machined deep on the underside and continues through to the visible top surface slots, reducing mass and energy for the improvement of sound.

Stability through a full sized design and a 4 leg 'quad' stance enables the use of large turntables, amplifiers and higher stands setups. 
Each leg spacer is substantially engineered as a one piece component, to bring a silent and solid connection to each audio surface too. 
CNC machined flat at each end with a large contact area ensures a high quality & 'low noise' connection. 

Selecting from the four leg spacer height options the Cadenz Vr is easily configurable to your electronics.

For heavy electronics upto 50kg select Vr PLUS, available on each or all levels.

(*sustainably sourced FSC certified veneers)

 Review Cadenz VR - hifi+ Issue 215

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The timing stayed tight and toe-tapping, dynamics were decidely decent, pitch and tonality were precise and tuneful.
Those nuanced aspects of perfromance are baked into the performance of the Cadenz Vr.

Steve Dickinson hi-fi+ - issue 215



Oak - Maple - Black Oak - Walnut


Information & size

Veneer: Oak , Black oak. American walnut, American maple

Spacer heights: 120mm, 160mm, 220mm, 280mm

VR PLUS - select for each level for heavy components upto 50 Kg

Record storage - adds a 320mm leg spacer with record support stops & sides

Counterpoint spikes - CNC machined high grade stainless steel