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Discover the most musical performance.

Inspired to hear the very best of audio, our products redefine the possibilities of an audio system's performance.
Our products set a high standard in each of their categories by presenting a higher level of musicality from your system. Innovative design features establish new levels of capacity and audio isolation for your electronics, enabling the presentation of a new and more musical sound.

The Concert stand series was first reviewed in 2019 by Alan Sircom, the editor of hi-fi+ magazine, and was quickly awarded 'Winner' in its category. Its audio performance and design impressed and it went on to debut at the Munich High End show 2022 with one of the world’s most respected and established high end Japanese audio brands.

Proudly designed and made in the UK.

News & Events

The new Aria audio stand launches at the North West audio show 2024 June 22nd-23rd.
Visit ourselves where we also display JM-Reynaud loudspeakers of France 'link'
JMR Lunna, Bliss and Cantabile.

The new Counterpoint 1.0-1.1 reference series launched st Axpona 2024.
Counterpoint 1.0-1.1  product information 'link'

Cadenz Vr on display with our US distribuptor at SouthWestAudioFest, Dallas March 15-17th, 'link'
Bristol Audio Show 2024 displaying with NEAT and Innuos.
Terry London of StereoTimes reviews ARENA APX & Most Wanted 2023 'link'
Ascot HiFi Show September 2023- with MOON, VPI, Audiovector, Nordost, with MF Nu Vista
Deluxe audio show March 2023- with JMR Cantabile - JM-Reynaud loudspeakers of France 'link'


Ascot HiFi Show Live 23

Integral 3 tier & Amp XM stands display with Renaissance Audio-MOON, VPI, Nordost, Audiovector.
HiFi Show Live- Ascot UK


Capitalaudiofest 22

Concert 5 tier & Amp XM stands display with Esoteric electronics. 
Capitalaudiofest- Washington USA


NorthWest Audio Show 22

Cadenz 5 tier stand & Amp ZM stands display with DougBrady HiFi.
NorthWest audio show- Holmes Chapel UK


Axpona 2019

A terrific system displayed on Concert 4T . Playback Designs, Verity loudspeakers
Axpona- Chicago USA


.. The new Aria stand launches at The North West audio show 2024
..The new Counterpoint reference series 1.0-1.1  at Axpona 24 - April 12-14th - rooms 428 & 720.